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VR Software Engineer

Vicarious Surgical is hiring a VR Software Engineer to join our team in Waltham, MA. As a VR Software Developer, you’ll help to create the interfaces surgeons use to embody our robotic system and visualize what the robot is seeing. You’ll work closely with the backend software & design teams to build feedback & control interfaces that allow the surgeon to understand and employ the superhuman capabilities of our robotic system.

Vicarious Surgical’s novel approach to surgery uses a combination of proprietary, human-like surgical robots and virtual reality to transport surgeons inside the patient when performing minimally invasive surgery. Our technology was granted Breakthrough Device Designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which provides unique opportunities for our regulatory pathway.  

This is a terrific opportunity for an experienced professional to join our company at a very exciting time and be a key member of a team that will bring our robotic solution to the market, offering a cost-effective path to improving patient outcomes and increasing the efficiency of surgical procedures for hospitals.


  • Implement the VR & 3D screen surgeon interfaces for the robot
  • Prototype UI/UX design variants to help determine which ideas work the best
  • Participate in weekly robot integration testing & help to triage and fix issues
  • Develop robotic simulations to provide cross-team decision support
  • Work closely with the backend software team to design effective inter process communication

About You

  • 3+ years professional Unity based C# development experience
  • VR development experience
  • Stays current with all the latest developments in XR technology
  • Effectively adapts traditional object oriented design patterns to Unity
  • Enjoys working on small teams


  • Medical device experience
  • Robotic systems experience
  • Unity render pipeline workflows
  • Unity robotics simulation experience, including ROS2 integration
  • Unity import toolchain including Pixyz Studio
  • Unity performance optimization
  • Unity native plugin development
  • Unity automated test development
  • Python, C, C++

How to Apply

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Our Company Values

Vicarious Surgical

Massachusetts, United States
Full Time
Posted on
Dec 8, 2021

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