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Senior Software Engineer - XR Apps

**Position Profile**  
**Software Engineer II - XR Apps**  
As a Software Engineer II - XR Apps, you will be a part of a team that builds some cutting edge enterprise applications and interactive experiences for various products within Trimble. This role is ideal for someone passionate about AR, VR, Mixed Reality, computer graphics, and user experience design.  
A Software Engineer II is an experienced technical team member, contributing to high level and low-level designs, coding, unit testing, system integration, development of test cases and test harness, bug fixing, user documentation and generation of reports.  
A Software Engineer II also provides work estimates and is involved in code and design review and gives constructive feedback.  
The Software Engineer II also is responsible for guiding SEs / interns in their assignments.  
**Responsibility and Accountability**  

*   Completely accountable for own work independently..
*   Participate in requirement collections, competitive product study, market study, etc.,
*   Decompose design elements into a structured code as per prevailing coding guidelines, preparation and execution of test cases and development of test codes or test harnesses. Traceback through code, design and resolve issues and bugs and update documentation.
*   Responsible for building powerful visually appealing solutions.
*   Help deliver an exceptional VR/MR/AR experience by improving the performance and quality of our existing solutions.
*   Translate high-level product description or requirement document and propose one or more software designs at the module level.
*   Follow well-defined Design Patterns and practice SOLID / GRASP techniques.
*   Document work, software designs, code and record and produce test reports.
*   Present work to the team for review or other purposes.
*   Participate in reviews of work done by peers and provide constructive feedback.
*   Sub-Module level responsibility in large projects and Module (or component) level responsibility in small/medium sized projects and complete responsibility is small-sized projects, depending upon the complexity and decomposition.
*   Be contemporary, by adopting technological and market evolutions.
*   Estimate, plan and organize own work and work of a small team if assigned with very little or moderate supervision.
*   Ensure team motivation and morale.
*   Ensure smooth execution of projects with peer coordination and support.

**Skillset and background**  

*   Good understanding of operating systems principles, embedded systems, software architectures, software algorithms. data structures and software engineering principles
*   Proficiency in the following areas  
   *   OOAD and Design Patterns
   *   3D Math, geometry and linear algebra
   *   Unity3D Pro including Unity GUI, asset bundles, materials/shaders etc.,
   *   C# .net \[UWP exposure is added advantage\]
*   Exposure to multi-platform development is preferred.
*   Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
*   Must have done at least 3 large enterprise level implementations or 4 to 6 projects using these technologies.
*   Must have a working experience of about 4 to 6 years in relevant areas.
*   Must have served in an organization where agile practices are in use.
*   Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
*   Good sense of user experience design.
*   Upbeat, highly motivated and a self-starter.

Must be a graduate from a tier-2 or tier-3 ranked institute studying Computer Science Engineering with a strong academic record.  

*   10th Grade: State Boards 90%. Central or International Boards: 80%
*   12th Grade: State Boards 90%. Central or International Boards: 80%
*   Undergraduate: GPA 8.0 ( Central institutes ) 8.5 ( State institutes ) - In a scale of 10
*   Post Graduation: GPA 8.0 - In a scale of 10
*   A score of 7.0 GPA in a scale of 10 is acceptable if the candidate is from a tier-1 institute

**Value adds**  
Applications with the following track records shall be separated and fast-tracked.  

*   Certifications in relevant areas
*   Recipient of NTSE / JRF scholarship or any other central / state award for academic excellence.
*   A minimum score of 75% in the National Equivalence Test.
*   National Level Science / Maths Olympiads - top 500 in national level, top 100 ranks in the state, or top 50 in the city,
*   Within the 10,000 ranks in JEE ADVANCED.

**Past Jobs**  
Must be from a tier-1 or tier-2 ranked organization.  
**Key Result Areas**  
Accountability for assignments, timely delivery, and meeting or exceeding quality requirements.  
**Supervisory Responsibility**  
Supervise a small team of software engineers, if assigned.  
**Reporting To**  
Team Leader or above.  

How to Apply

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Full Time
Posted on
Feb 1, 2021

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