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XR Technical Manager

In collaboration with production management, the XR Technical Manager (XR Manager) is responsible for providing technical leadership, planning, development, implementation, and support for XR Applications.

The primary duties of the XR Manager include: Managing a small team of software engineers. Assign, review, and approve project tasks and deliverables across multiple concurrent projects. Collaborate with project management to set timelines, project scope, and correspond with customers. Collect and document user requirements. Develop user stories, estimates, and work plans. Prepare reports, manuals, and other documentation on the status, operation, and maintenance of software. Assess opportunities for application and process improvement and prepare documentation of rationale to share with team members and other affected parties.

XR Manager acts as technical liaison between internal and external end-users, technical analysts, IT staff, consultants, and other organizations in the analysis, design, implementation, configuration, and testing of systems software projects. This includes but not limited to: status reporting, technical solutions recommendation, coordinating efforts between internal and external stakeholders, and providing updates to executive staff. Serves as the subject matter expert to ensure that the business/program needs are being considered during the planning and implementation of software projects.

Develop processing standards and procedures for the systems and projects, project planning, status reporting, application programming, testing, training, and implementation of software systems in a short release and iterative environment. Develop secure applications using computer languages and technologies including, but not limited to UE4, Unity, AWS, JavaScript, HTML5, C#, C++, and PostgreSQL.

Provide technical expertise and perform analysis and activities associated with application design, database design, and support web application development. Provide technical support to resolve any application issues for external customers. Provide consultation, code reviews, and training related to application standards and methodologies. Monitor and prioritize workload of various applications. Resolve system problems and recommend the best methods of applying new technologies for the most critical systems.

Research and implement new technologies in the XR space, evaluate new system application requests and prioritize applications in the pipeline to plan the deployment and adequately meet/exceed customer expectations. Analyze business re-engineering efforts by examining and redesigning the business processes and workflows. System architecture diagrams and system flow diagram building. Develop and apply improvements using innovative technologies to meet the business needs.

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